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At New Island, we specialize in providing custom luxury packaging solutions. We understand that your packaging needs to reflect your product and brand. That’s why we use the latest technologies and materials to create beautiful and sustainable packaging solutions.

We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact and work hard to comply with all environmental statutory and regulatory laws and other applicable standards. Our team also strives to prevent, eliminate, and reduce waste by improving our operations and reusing materials when possible. We take steps in our plants to prevent the occurrence of pollution whenever possible and set regular objectives for improving our environmental, health, and safety performance.

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Agro, Kraft & Pearl Papers

We source papers that are made from recycled materials and are recyclable. We focus on FSC grades and have a range of options to suit every need. We have unique kraft papers that are suitable for off-set printing and stock pearl papers with shimmer to add a soft metallic effect without the use of mylar. Other sustainability options use by-products from materials normally sent to landfill or overabundant algae from marine environments.


Metalized Papers

We are proud to provide the highest quality of packaging solutions and pride ourselves on our commitment to sustainability. Our metalized papers are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional mylar and foils. Not only are these papers visually stunning, but they are also recyclable and have been tested and certified. With us, you can rest assured that your packaging will be beautiful, sustainable, and of the highest quality available. Let us help you take your packaging to the next level today.

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Mira Metallic Inks

We are proud to be the first to launch a revolutionary printing ink that simulates hot stamping, providing a shinier and more reflective finish than traditional metallic PMS inks. This ink also reduces stamping leaf waste and die costs, while being environment friendly since it does not release VOCs. We strive to bring the best possible solutions to our customers and help them stand out from the crowd.

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